Secure Cloud – Support and FAQs

  How does it work?

Secure-ISS Cloud leverages Microsoft and Redhat virtualization technologies to provide you with a secure and dedicated Virtual Private Server at our tier 2 datacenter in Brisbane, Australia. You can log in to your Secure-ISS Cloud VPS from anywhere in the world, using tools that are available on any modern Windows PC. Because your VPS is dedicated to you, we can guarantee you a level of performance and resources which you just can’t get with a shared hosting provider.


All of our equipment is enterprise grade HP and Cisco gear, and we upgrade and refresh our hardware as necessary to remove the burden from you. Our dedicated staff monitor and tweak our systems constantly to ensure that you’re having the best experience possible.


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Imagine being able to have a fast, reliable IT infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of running it yourself. You don’t have to worry about backups, or installing applications, or fixing that Outlook problem that traditional IT providers would charge you an arm and a leg for! With a centralised IT infrastructure, you have all of your data in one place – no more sending spreadsheets around via email.


For any questions or a quote, please visit our pricing page or contact Secure-ISS. One of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements further!

Here are a few of the more common questions around our Managed VPS solutions.


  How does your licensing work?

In all instances Secure-ISS will supply the underlying Operating System within your package (for both a Windows Server or Linux OS platform). Other Microsoft products are generally supplied by us on a Subscription basis. These fees will be part of your overall package costing.


  Can I install other software on my VPS?

Of course you can! You will need to check your license agreement with the applicable software vendor, to ensure that you are not in violation of their agreement with you by completing the installation. If you and the vendor are satisified that there will be no violation we can complete or assist in the installation for you.


  Can I access my VPS Solution from a Mac machine?

Yes absolutely! One of the major benefits of the Secure Cloud solution, is that it enables a user to access their Windows applications from a Mac machine. You are no longer restricted to a particular client to access your essential business data. You can do it from an IPad, Android device, Windows 7 phone etc.

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