Secure Cloud – Introduction

Secure Cloud is Secure-ISS’s centralised, robust and flexible Virtual Private Server infrastructure. Offered by an Australian company through Australian data centres.


Ask yourself: what if

  • Your business grows and exceeds the capacity of your existing infrastructure
  • Your server (with all of your valuable data) crashes!
  • You have an application issue which you don’t have the expertise on site to fix
  • You’re planning a new software deployment, but don’t know where to start
  • A new software version comes out with essential features which you need to leverage

All of these issues traditionally cost businesses big dollars.  With a Secure-ISS Cloud solution, a speedy resolution is just a phone call away.

At Secure-ISS, we believe in bringing together and uniting technology to serve you and allow you to focus your attention on the things that actually matter to your business.


Managing IT can eat up time and money that is better spent investing in your business or customers.  With the Secure Cloud, we host and take care of your IT infrastructure so you don’t have to.   Our managed servers, hosted in our Secure Private Cloud, give your staff secure access from any PC, anywhere in the world.


Stop sending internal spreadsheets around via email – centralizing your data and IT infrastructure will result in performance and productivity gains for any business.  


Secure-ISS is an Australian company, so you know that your data isn’t being sent overseas, and support is just a local phone call away.


In ‘industry-speak’, Secure-ISS Cloud is a centralised, managed, Platform as a Service solution.  We provide a centralised, managed platform (Windows or Linux) which holds all of your data securely and provides remote access to your staff.  All patching, software upgrades, and hardware upgrades are managed by us silently in the background.  We spend our time worrying about your IT systems and security so you don’t have to!


Product Spotlight – OnEmail

  • Australian Hosted Zimbra 8.x product
  • Share Emails with colleagues
  • Share Calendars with colleagues
  • Share Documents with colleagues
  • Access your emails from any device anytime

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