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Need some assistance with Secure-ISS OnEmail? Well you’ve come to the right place!


On this page you will find a number of support articles and tutorials to assist you with the Secure-ISS OnEmail service. If you have a question on the service, you will probably find the answer on our FAQs page. Of course if you can’t find what you’re looking for here and would simply like some further assistance or just have a chat with one of our team, please feel free to give us a call, drop us an email or post something to our forums.


  What do I need to be able to use the Secure-ISS OnEmail Service?
You will need a domain name and an email address.


  What pre-requisite information will I need to do a cut-over?
There are a few pieces of pre-requisite information that you will need to make the cut-over?

Item 1
You will need to know your details for your domain name (DNS) provider (or know someone who can access this information for you, such as your IT team), including a login username and password, so that you can update your MX records.

Item 2
You will also need a list of email accounts, aliases and forwarders that you need to have setup. The amount of email accounts, will determine the cost of the service for your business.


  What steps are involved in moving my email across to Secure-ISS OnEmail?
It’s a relatively straight-forward process (although the steps below look lengthy!)


The steps are as follows:

1.  You complete an application form;
2.  We setup the Domain and email accounts, email aliases and email forwarders based upon your application form;
3.  You test you can login (through the Web-client) to your new email accounts. Upon a successful login, we are ready to cut-over your MX record;
4.  Cut-over your MX Record (this will take between 1 minute and 24 hours to propagate your new email address across the web. In the interim some mail, may be delivered to your old Mail servers and the Secure-ISS OnEmail servers).
5.  Set-up your email client (ie. Outlook, Apple Mail, Zimbra Desktop, Thunderbird etc <>) and any smartphone or tablet devices to receive your emails from the OnEmail Account;
6.  24 hours after the MX record cut-over, we can be assured that any email that was being sent to your old email server will cease. As such we are in a position to upload your old email data (should you wish);
7.  Your uploaded email data will then automatically sync with each of the clients setup in Step 5;
8.  You’re done. If you need a hand with any of these steps, feel free to give us a call or access the reference data that exists on this page.


  Uploading data to the OnEmail service
You can upload data to the OnEmail service from a number of sources, such as an Outlook PST file, Exchange data source or Apple Mail.


  Uploading data – Outlook data source
To upload your data from Outlook, you can use the PST Import Wizard. Instructions on downloading and importing your PST file can be found in the following attachment.


  Uploading data – Exchange data source
You can upload data from an existing Exchange data store in one of two ways. You can export each of the Mailboxes to a PST file and then import them via the PST Import Wizard, or you can use another tool to load the data up via IMAPI. Please contact us should you require further details on the options with an Exchange migration.


  Uploading data – Apple Mail data source
To move your Apple Mail data across, you simply need to setup your Apple Mail client to connect to your OnEmail (Zimbra) account (Details can be found here) and then copy the old emails and folder that you want from your existing Apple Mail account across to the new OnEmail account. This will then copy all of the required information across to the OnEmail platform for you!


  How do I setup the OnEmail Service to work with Outlook?
There are a number of ways you can setup Outlook to work with the OnEmail service. To utilise all of the features of the OnEmail platform, we recommend using the Zimbra Outlook Connector. This will provide complete integration for Calendars, Contacts, Email, Tasks and out of Office reminders etc, You can find details on how to download, install and setup the OnEmail Zimbra Outlook Connector here.


If you are running the service as an IMAP or POP email service, you will need the following information to setup Outlook. For IMAP and Pop Setup:
Ports: Standard IMAP and POP Ports are used by the OnEmail Service. On the Server Port Numbers, select the “TLS” encryption for an encrypted connection.
Authentication: You will need to change a number of settings with in the Advanced tab. Go to your Outbound Server settings and select “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication” and then select “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”.


  How do I setup Apple Mail?
You setup the OnEmail service as an IMAP account within Apple Mail. You can get all of the instructions on setting up the Apple Mail client from the following document. To sync your calendars with Secure-ISS OnEmail as well, you will require the Zimbra Connector for Apple iSync. Details can also be found in the Apple Mail documentation.


  How do I setup my iPhone or IPad?
For information on how to setup your OnEmail account on your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad, please refer to this documentation.


  How do I setup my Blackberry?
There are a number of different ways to setup your Blackberry device. There are a number of items that need to be factored-in including:

  • Do you have a Blackberry Enterprise Server?
  • Do you require complete Calendar and email functions on the Blackberry? and
  • What sort of data pack you have with your Mobile provider.

For the best way to setup your Blackberry we recommend you contact one of our team to discuss your current setup and your exact requirements, so we can get you up and running as soon as possible. If you would like some examples of setting up IMAP email functions on a Blackberry (which has a Data pack), you can check out this document.


  How do I setup my Android OS smartphone?
For information on how to setup your Android Device (Smart phone or Tablet) please refer to this documentation.


  How do I setup my Windows (7) Mobile smartphone?
For information on how to setup your Windows 7 smartphone please refer to this documentation.


More tutorials and information is always being added, so feel free to drop by once in a while to see what’s new!

Product Spotlight – OnEmail

  • Australian Hosted Zimbra 8.x product
  • Share Emails with colleagues
  • Share Calendars with colleagues
  • Share Documents with colleagues
  • Access your emails from any device anytime

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