OnEmail – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Secure-ISS OnEmail service has many features and you no doubt have some questions about how it all works and what you need to have to get the service!


Below you will find some answers to our most frequently asked questions. Should you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, via email or give us a call!


  How do your charges work?
We charge on a per Mailbox basis. You can find out more information on our Pricing page.


  What is a mailbox?
A mailbox is a repository where your mail is stored.


  What is an email alias?
An e-mail alias is simply a forwarding e-mail address. Aliasing allows you to have multiple e-mail addresses sent to a specific e-mail account (ie. You could have the email addresses and delivered to the one address


  Can I have email aliases and if so how many?
You can have an unlimited number of aliases for your OnEmail account. You can set these up (if you’re a domain administrator) or we can set these up for you.


  Can I manage my own domain accounts through OnEmail?
Yes you can! If you like we can assign you administrative rights over your domain. You can also have multiple domains.


  Can I use my IPhone or IPad to access my OnEmail services?
You certainly can. Information on the iPhone setup can be found here.


  Can I use my Blackberry device to access my OnEmail services?
Yes you can. You will either need a Blackberry Enterprise Server running to use all integrated features or a Data pack which provides you with access to setup emails on the devices. As most Blackberry setups are different, please contact our team direct so that we can get you up and running ASAP.


  Can I check external email addresses through my OnEmail account?
Yes we can set this up for you! You can get the features of OnEmail for your Bigpond or Optusnet account.


  Can I import my old emails into my OnEmail account?
Yes you can. Tools are available to upload information from Outlook, Exchange and a number of other email clients. Please let us know where your current data resides, to see how we can get the data onto our servers.


  How often is your OnEmail platform backed-up?
The platform runs on fully-redundant infrastructure and is backed-up on an hourly basis to numerous locations.


  Can I forward emails to another email account (that is not hosted with Secure-ISS)?
Yes you can. You can setup a Distribution list that will receive email within OnEmail and have it forwarded to any address that you like.


  What is the attachment size limit for emails sent from OnEmail?
At present the maximum email size limit is set to 19MB. Should you have a requirement for a larger size, please let us know and we will see what we can do.


  What email clients are supported by Secure-ISS OnEmail?
Just about any email client is supported by Secure-ISS OnEmail. Emails can be accessed through the normal configuration for a POP or IMAP server configuration. To ensure that you get the most out of the solution, we recommend one of the clients that provide all of the collobation features, such as Outlook, Apple Mail/ iCal, OnEmail Webclient or the Zimbra Desktop email client.


  Can I sync my OnEmail service with the Apple iCal?
Yes you can! You need to download and install the Zimbra connector for Apple ISync. For further information and instructions please contact our team!

Product Spotlight – OnEmail

  • Australian Hosted Zimbra 8.x product
  • Share Emails with colleagues
  • Share Calendars with colleagues
  • Share Documents with colleagues
  • Access your emails from any device anytime

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