Mac Cloud Services – Frequently Asked Questions

There are quite a number of features to the platform that are pretty straight forward, however some features may pose a question when used remotely.



Below you will find some answers to our most frequently asked questions. Should you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, via email or give us a call!


  How do your charges work?
We charge on a per user basis. Each user has 10Gbs of storage on the platform. User access is available from $20/ Month (Ex GST).


  How does printing work?
Your default printer will be available on the platform. You should check that your printer appears (via “System Preferences” >> “Printers”) and that you are able to print from the platform to your local printer.

  Why do I have limited access to some applications on the platform?
There are a number of areas and applications on the platform that you will not have access to. These include items such as iTunes. Should you find you don’t have access to an application that you require, please let us know and we can provide access as required.


  Your folder structure
By default, each user has a folder structure for the most part which is only available to that user. You can use this structure to store information that you do not want other users within your company to have access to, this is referred to as your home folder. You will also have a common group folder, where your MYOB files and other shared documents can be saved to.


  What about my Office Suite?

The entire Microsoft Office Suite is available on the platform, and integrates with Account Edge to ensure the spread sheet and document export functionality is fast, easy and simple. Not to mention you can say goodbye to emailing spread sheets or passing a USB around. All users in a company have access to a shared location that stores their data, meaning the risk of data duplication and loss (inherent in a non-cloud environment) is eliminated.


  How often is my data backed up? Do I need to do anything?

All of your data on the platform is backed up every hour and stored at a completely separate geographical location, ensuring that no matter what happens, a recent copy of your data is always recoverable. This process is handled by the Secure-ISS team and requires no user input.


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