CloudEx – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section of our website we look to answer a number of the frequent queries we get around the CloudEx platform. If you are not able to find an answer here feel free to contact us!


  Can I Keep my email history, current contacts and calendar when I upgrade to a Cloud Exchange account?

Yes, we can import all of your existing email data.


   Will CloudEx work on my Phone/ipad/android/laptop?

All of the Secure-ISS CloudEx Features will work on any device that supports Microsoft Exchange. Common supported devices are:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Microsoft Outlook on both windows and Mac
  • Windows Phone 7 smartphones



   What is an email alias?
An e-mail alias is simply a forwarding e-mail address. Aliasing allows you to have multiple e-mail addresses sent to a specific e-mail account (ie. You could have the email addresses and delivered to the one address


 Distribution lists?
A distribution list is essentially a one-way mailing list. For example, may be a distribution list that contains all of the staff at your company. This would mean an email sent to would automatically be sent to every staff members’ email address.


  How do the Charges work?

Pricing for the CloudEx service is done on a mailbox basis. All of our plans offer unlimited Australian based storage and start from $12/ month (Ex GST). More information can be found on Pricing page.


  What is a mailbox?
A mailbox is a repository where your mail is stored, analogous with account.

Product Spotlight – OnEmail

  • Australian Hosted Zimbra 8.x product
  • Share Emails with colleagues
  • Share Calendars with colleagues
  • Share Documents with colleagues
  • Access your emails from any device anytime

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